Infants / Toddlers

Infancy is a very special time in life when a child requires a consistent group of people who will see to their basic needs in a loving, safe and stimulating environment, which is necessary to a healthy beginning. We respect the individuality of each child, and support their earliest milestones; encouraging the cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth and development of each child at his/her own rate in his/her own way. Caregivers spend the majority of their time on the floor interacting with infants at their level.

The caring and nurturing teachers at Shining Stars Child Development Center closely monitor each individual infant’s eating, sleeping and play patterns to determine the most appropriate and non-stressful daily schedule for your child. Infant Teachers complete a daily sheet for each Infant and communicates daily with our director and with parents during drop off and pick-up times as desired. In addition finger painting, dancing and simple musical instruments add excitement and new joys to their playtime. Infants will also be taken outside daily, weather permitting.

Your infant will have their own crib in an attended room. We follow the Safe Sleep practices as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Our cribs do not have bumper pads, and infants are always put on their backs to sleep. Sheets are washed daily or more frequently, if necessary. Also we are happy to feed your child your breastmilk at Shining Stars CDC.
Our toddler program focuses on building a positive environment where children can grow, make new discoveries, and have fun. Toddlers learn self-help skills, build language, begin to share, and follow directions while playing and learning from others. Children play indoors in their classroom and outdoors in their own enclosed playground. Children are encouraged to use all of their senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing) as they gather information about their world.

Our Licensed Teachers always aim to work alongside parents to support each child’s cognitive, emotional and physical development using consistent daily routine that comfort your child while supporting their unique needs and interests. Our toddler-specific toys and activities encourage children to test, explore and master new skills and concepts. At this time Staff begins to implement classroom rules. Toddler will go outside every day for playground time and planned outdoor activities, weather permitting.